We had a task to develop a design for a site, taking into account the field’s specifics and to put an emphasis on the blocks with the most important information for users.
We have drawn on the concerns and struggles in the advertising industry experienced by users, advertisers, and owners of advertising platforms. There was an idea to create a global advertising ecosystem with a high level of mutual trust and maximum efficiency. This idea solves all the problems thanks to the use of artificial neural networks and blockchain technologies. UBEX is a global decentralized advertising exchange, where companies effectively advertise their goods and services, while publishers profitably tokenize ad slots on their Internet platforms.

TASK: To develop a design for the site’s Home page, which serves as a promo page, taking into account the field’s specifics. To make an emphasis on the blocks with the most important information for users. To develop design layouts for the site’s internal pages, as well as to adapt the design for mobile devices.

SOLUTION: We created a design with the help of graphics, which captures the very essence of “artificial intelligence”, based on a previously developed prototype. Blocks with the most important information (ratings, upcoming events, history of development, etc.) are highlighted and worked out in detail. In addition, a splash screen for a presentation video was developed.

We also developed a design for white paper, bounty campaign, presentation, onepager and other materials.

To view the results of our work click www.ubex.com

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