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Workflow Automation

As part of an individual approach, we develop CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BRM (Business Relationship Management) and OMS (Order Management System) systems for recording goods and sales, as well as systems for receiving and processing B2B and B2C orders, taking into account the needs and features of particular businesses and the need to integrate with a website or an online store.


The scope of development services

  • Description of workflows, system meanings and functions 
  • Definition of user groups, their rights and functions
  • Presentation and description of the functionality, development of the architecture and system map
  • Development of a prototype system, identification of possible errors in logic and functions at the initial design stage
  • User interface design
  • Code development for mobile and/or web apps, as well as a desktop version 
  • Development of system administrator control panel code 
  • Filling and testing a ready-to-use system


Warranty and support

We provide warranty and free maintenance for up to 6 months. Technical and content support are available as an additional service for a monthly subscription fee or on demand (the cost depends on the volume of provided services upon completion of system development), and includes the following works:


  • designing blocks and graphic elements
  • constant monitoring of the system, regular design verification, troubleshooting, code updating, adding new modules and functions (upon request)
  • security monitoring
  • filling with content
  • backup
  • system recovery in the event of failures
  • consulting services and employee training