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The brand has a significant impact on business development, increases customer confidence and helps implement a pricing policy. 

You can do your job very well, even perfectly, but your company will remain known only to existing customers. Not only the quality of the product, but also the reputation of its manufacturer/designer contribute to business growth. After reading the names on a website, in a newspaper, on a billboard, or on packaging, buyers choose the one they already know and that their friends trust. 

Therefore, it is so important for you to clearly understand your position in the market, what share your company occupies, who exactly are your customers, the pricing, etc.
We will help you to set goals correctly, identify weaknesses and provide recommendations for improving the situation. And then we will develop a strategy for business packing, creating a recognisable brand and promoting it.


Our key activities

  • Identifying the target audience and its interests and needs; creating detailed client avatars. This will help target your ad campaigns to the audience interested in products like yours.
  • Analysis of the existing product line, identifying its advantages and disadvantages, expanding and updating the product lines and services.
  • Planning and implementation of email marketing. Creating an email distribution map, preparing content for emails, choosing and setting up a mailing platform.
  • Planning scenarios for working with the target audience, content development and evaluation of results.
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing activities; monitoring the marketing campaigns of competitors. 

Recent Cases