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Website development

The first thing we would like to say here is that we really love this activity. It is so interesting, extensive and deep that we want to be constantly involved therein. But the main thing is the result, which we never forget.

Our customers most often want to develop a website that just exists on its own, works smoothly and even generates income if it is, for example, an online store. But this is simply impossible.

Website development is like building a house. This is always the case for us as developers. Now imagine that people come to this house: what they see at first will either be remembered forever or completely forgotten about. Our task is to build a website, where visitors will be able to quickly and easily find the information they need about products and services, place an order, learn about the company's history, read the service conditions, etc. 


Website development stages

The information we have collected here describes the key website development stages. If your budget is not big enough, we will make a special offer taking into account, for example, simplified functionality, which will significantly reduce the development cost. But we will never make savings on quality. Whatever the volume of work, we will carry it out selflessly to contribute positively to the development of your business.


  • Stage 1. Evaluating an existing website, identifying errors in functions and search engine optimisation. Providing recommendations for changing and improving the website. This step is required if you already have a website and want to update it.
  • Stage 2. Identifying the target audience. Analysis of its needs and satisfaction with your products and services.
  • Stage 3. Development of a strategy for internal search engine optimisation. Determination of keywords and phrases, building a semantic core, analysis of competitors' websites, development of the URL address structure, creation of a content plan (drawing up a list of sections and blocks that require texts and descriptions; compiling a catalogue of goods for the online store). It is very important to develop a website for ready-made content.
  • Stage 4. Development of the website structure and prototype. This is required to identify errors and inaccuracies in the structure and edit general information/texts at the initial stage.
  • Stage 5. Design development. We create a unique design because there are no identical projects or identical companies, they each have their own corporate identity. Therefore, we will create a design that will be attractive and convenient for your customers to use.
  • Stage 6. Layout, programming, development of the administration panel based on a framework or the use of ready-made solutions (WordPress, Open Cart, Bitrix, etc). 
  • Stage 7. Filling with content. We carefully collect content to be posted on the website based on information received from our customers. We make a content plan and sort content by groups — texts, descriptions of goods and/or services, graphic elements (slides, icons, pictograms, banners, photos) — and post them on the website. 
  • Stage 8. Testing. We test the website on all kinds of devices and transfer the finished product to the customer. We provide a manual for the administration panel and recommendations for filling the website with content.


Warranty and support

We provide a warranty for 1–6 months, depending on the complexity of the website. At the customer's request, we provide an offer for website content preparation and technical support. The following services are usually provided:


  • designing blocks and graphic elements (banners, slides, icons, etc.)
  • preparing news and blog posts
  • constant website monitoring, regular design verification, troubleshooting, updating the database
  • website backup
  • website recovery in the event of failures
  • analysis of user interaction with the website, providing recommendations for improvement and consulting services


It is important to note that our content support is based on internal search engine optimisation of the website, taking into account the constantly updated semantic core, and we analyse demand. This work is based on continuous customer interaction. 

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