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Workflow Automation Workflow Automation
  • Development of a customized OMS (Order Management System) system, taking into account all the needs of your business, to automate order handling processes 
  • Development of a BRM (Business Relationship Management) system for B2B partners and customers to monitor and record wholesale purchases 
  • Development of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for monitoring and recording customer bases, and for managing order and purchase statistics
  • Technical support
Manufacturing Execution Manufacturing Execution
  • Development of manufacturing execution systems (MES) 
  • Detailed analysis and evaluation of manufacturing processes
  • Designing systems in accordance with company requirements and international standards
  • Employee briefings
  • Support
Website development Website development
  • Development of corporate websites and online stores 
  • Search engine optimisation, structure design based on the needs of the target audience, and pure design
  • Integration with payment and CRM systems
  • Content preparation
  • Analytics and support
Marketing Marketing
  • Determination and study of the target audience and its needs
  • Assistance in determining and implementing the business model, as well as product lines and services
  • Business packing includes positioning and goal setting, development of corporate identity and a brand book
  • Development of a company promotion strategy
  • Development analysis and monitoring