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Website design for the real estate office

Saint Petersburg-based real estate office LEMMA decided to develop a website for its separate New Developments business line. The website would contain information about real estate developers and the residential complexes built by the company. The smart real estate selection feature would be the major differentiator for the new website. This filter can help find an apartment to satisfy even the most unusual customer requirements. For instance, a customer might want a smart-planned apartment in a building that is close to the centre of the city, or an apartment with well-developed infrastructure. But first things first.


Our task was the following:

  • To develop a design layout for desktop and mobile versions of the website



The website design uses a soothing colour composition. The website contains large amounts of important information related to real estate purchase, which is why we opted for a classic colour combination — black font on a white background. To single out particular pieces of information visually, we use a grey underlay.


Below you can see a screenshot of the home page, with a block for the smart real estate selection feature. Pay close attention to how we grouped various search criteria. Each group contains detailed queries that may appeal to the needs and interests of a wide range of customers. Below the selection form there is a box providing data from the real estate database. 



The website contains a large amount of information and an extensive catalogue of apartments. Based on the idea that each person would search for an apartment based on their individual preferences, we planned to use a number of various selection options, including map-based selection. This is very convenient, because a visitor to the website may immediately look at available apartments in their preferred part of the city and find about the infrastructure.



When purchasing an apartment in a building that is currently under construction, there is always a greater risk involved. The newly purchased apartment may not yet be built, or the construction of the entire complex may still be in its first stage. For this reason, it was planned to add a special catalogue containing information about real estate developers. The catalogue would enable website visitors to access the entire background of the specific developer, analyse the documentation or look through the residential complexes.  

Here you can also find a block containing special offers for selected apartments. You can also view the list of all apartments offered by a specific developer. Data in the table are filtered out based on the price of an apartment, its floor-space, the floor it is on, and the number of rooms in it. You can expand each list item in the search results to view the floor plan and request a call from a sales manager.



Besides the basic information, the page devoted to the residential complex may also contain information about current promotions (for instance, a mortgage programme offered in collaboration with a particular bank, or a discounted price for an apartment) or the location of the complex on the map.

For the customer to be able to immediately evaluate all the benefits of a specific residential complex, we gathered them in a separate block along with illustrative icons.



And of course, there is a mortgage calculator to meet the needs of this category of customers. Using this tool, they can quickly calculate monthly instalments and submit an application to a manager to proceed with the bank. 



For smartphones, we offer a number of mobile version layouts. It will be really easy to use the website and always have a real estate database at hand. The outcome of our work is partially presented on the official website of the real estate office LEMMA. Assembly and filling of the website were performed by the customer.


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