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Development of a logo for SIYAI charitable project

It is always so exciting to develop a corporate style for a new project! Here the designer's imagination has virtually no limits. The sheet is empty and waiting for new creative ideas. When we speak about a charitable project, however, the process also involves compassion, kindness and a willingness to help.

SIYAI is a charitable project; a community of people whose lives are far from ordinary due to the serious illnesses or mental health issues they face. More than anything, these people need support, understanding and an accepting environment. Instead of shame, they will develop consciousness, self-understanding, and spiritual growth to guide their way to recovery through a healthy diet, meditation, physical activity, workshops, and help from professional psychologists, etc.


Our task:

  • To develop an impressive recognisable logo that would be associated with the idea of the project



We developed the logo based on three components: ecology of the soul, the body and the world around us. The resulting logo contains three delicate petals that are interconnected. The name of the project is written across the petals and contains the most important element — a heart — because good deeds are done wholeheartedly.