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Creating a brand book for LaZebra car tailor shop

LaZebra is a car tailor shop for making covers to protect and renew car seats.
The main problem was that the existing brand book no longer corresponded to the Company's market positioning and did not look serious.



  • Design layouts for corporate and personal business cards
  • Design a brand book structure
  • Prepare a description of the company's positioning, mission and values
  • Finalise the brand book



We created non-standard business card layouts and added several print effects so that finished business cards are pleasant to hold and could be proudly shown to customers and partners.
The brand book contains a description of the requirements and standards for the use of the logo, business cards, icons, photos and other components of LaZebra corporate identity. We created a playful design based on the logo of the tailor shop and put it on balloons.



The result was a document with company information, requirements for working with elements of corporate identity and themed photos. The brand book encourages every employee to take their jobs more seriously, maintain the company's reputation and constantly improve the quality of products and services.